Car buying, reimagined. We created the ultimate, new standard for luxury automotive shopping via a digitally-enabled experience that makes ownership seamless and enjoyable.

The challenge
Today’s luxury car buyer is time-starved and more discerning than ever. More often, they start their research* online versus
at a physical dealership. But that process can be disjointed, confusing, and impersonal. As a proactive concept, we wondered, “Could we craft an experience that gave luxe customers the ability to shop from anywhere?” 

The solution
We created a modular, lightweight UX alongside detailed industrial design in a 950m2 on-demand showroom. Cadillac Live is accessible online via web or app and features 10 of the newest vehicles on display. Shoppers get a live, first-person view and can switch to alternate fixed views to explore every detail. Agents are equipped with a dashboard interface that allows them to ‘push’ contextual dialogs on an in-video sidebar to the viewer to explore colour ways, technology, and accessory options on-screen during the session. We’re open every day for business with extended late-night hours. 

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