By 2030, 60% of the world’s population will live in urban cities.  As the strain on road and transit infrastructure increases, people’s ability to get about will be massively impacted.  Identifying this opportunity, GM has designed a new range of innovative, integrated, and fully connected eBikes, from the ground up – totally reinventing what an eBike can deliver to consumers. It is part of GM’s bold new vision to deliver a future with Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions, and Zero Congestion.  

The Arīv eBike allows consumers to feel the full power of Freedom. Freedom of Anxiety, freedom of stress, freedom of being tethered to a schedule or traffic. It allows consumers to understand what it’s like to be safe, to be nimble, to be Free. Thus it is only natural that the branding represents a sense of unencumbered freedom—no boundaries, no delays. Like a compass, the striking quality of the logo showcases the forward momentum our bikes inspire, how the right direction is defined by whatever the rider desires. The Arīv eBike brand launched globally in 35 markets.